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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 21, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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how big was the plane and how many people on board? >> reporter: vickie, it was a small plane that the sheriff's office say that is the pilot could have built himself. right now it's destroyed just scraps of metal are left. only one person on board and that was a man that the sheriff's office says that he was not inside of the plane when it crashed just north of interstate 80. somewhere between 1,000 and 1500 feet in the air witnesses tell the sheriff's office that the man jumped. the sheriff's office says that it happened around 5:00. witnesses noticed that this was smoking and then the plane crashed less than four miles away in the field. >> he was killed by the fall.
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so you can imagine being in a plane that's on fire and the circumstances that would led you to jump out of a plane without a par shot. he was in a terrible situation. >> they have contacted the federal aviation and they're on the way to investigate the crash. as far as the brush fire they were able to contain it. live from liver port with kron news. fire crews in the east bay i are busy. a 12-acre fire was contacted after being reported about -- controlled after being reported about 2:00 p.m. today. they say that it spread quickly. two aircrafts helped to put out the fire. it got close to several homes. one building was damaged by the
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flames. the cause of the fire is under veins division tonight. tonight picking up the pieces of a five alarm grass fire. that happened in the area of richey roads. wind speeds were up to 30 miles an hour. two houses were ingulfed and 30 to 40 other homes were evacuated. we spoke to one person and how the fire affected her home. >> we lost all the houses over here. >> to yours. what side of the damage? >> it melt the side of our house here. it seems to be only this side. we did have propane tanks and i know that they exploded. >> one firefighter got an injury. they blame winds for the tough conditions out there. it started as a grass fire and the cause is under
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investigation. with the wind blowing and the flames going up and the buildings are so closing together that we were terrified. >> a building fire sends residence scrambling. dan rubin is at the scene. >> reporter: it started at 6 and ferry and you could smell it. >> it smelt like. >> homes and businesses are often hard to distinguish. some residence came home to find a fire downstairs. >> black smoke and my neighbor called 911. there were flame ins the sky. >> when they arrived they found that they had a difficult task ahead of them. >> due to the wind. >> the fire department could not get at it. >> to try and find the fire we had to cut holes in the rear deck and the walls.
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>> there were on the roof chopping and could not get a loss on it. >> we're assume that can the restaurant had nothing to do with starting the fire. >> they had to take a fire hose and bring it through my brothers place and around the back stair. >> they were able to do the fire almost as soon as they reach it. >> the exact cause is yet to be determined. the restaurantth suffered the worst damage and will remain close. they expect all residences to remain in tact. >> the good news is that no one was injured. the crews did a great job. >> reporting in san francisco. a magnitude earthquake rattled residence near union city. people in 32 areas say that they felt the quake but nobody reported the damage. this is a good reminder to be prefaired for the big one.
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one suspect is on the loss after an armed robbery happened in pleasant hills. they have arrested one man that happened on friday. the two men approached a man getting into the car and one pistol whipped the victim. they stole the man's wallet and cell phone as well. this happened near golf club road. no word on the where abouts of the other suspect in the case. a 24-year-old california man died at edc this weekend. it's a huge electronic party that happens in las vegas each and every year. his cause of death is not announced yet. 144,000 people attended friday night. iconic san francisco street
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that attracts tourists is only accessible by foot for much of the weekend. what did tourist think about the regulation change that's changing their view of lumbar street. >> i drive down the section and it's been a tourist for decades and with an conspiracy national rate of passage for those visiting san francisco. [ speaking spanish ] >> but for residence it's been bit of a nightmare. >> in the last four years it's gotten crazy here. if you're coming down hide it takes you 20 minutes to get to union street to get to you on home. >> on saturday the beginning of an experiments began. >> it's the first time that they're going close the street. we will see how that goes. >> they will close the tourist attraction from 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m. >> we will try it over the next
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four weekends. we have to have a balance for the you tourist and residence. >> if it's any indication that it's been diminished and giving them another perspective to a charm. >> if you think about it, i never look at the flowers because i was driving. it's beautiful and see all the people. >> in san francisco jeff piers on kron news. >> u.s. officials are in iraq today. assistant secretary of the state meeting with the defender and both discussing the latest development and how to speed up the strategy between the two countries. the u.s.'s involumement is not that poplar and some protesters that took to the street and this is a photo that a viewer sent in and government
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officials should focus on health care and jobs. while in iraq the countries leaders are calling for people to stand up and fight against the group. many are answering that call. anderson cooper went to a recruiting center to talk to volunteers. >> reporter: crowded together in a baghdad military base, iraqs volunteers wait for their names to be called. >> a week after he asked iraqs to defend the country, thousands of men are volunteering everyday. >> some volunteers have been in the military before. some have just returned from fighting in syria, but many of the volunteers here today are young and have no experience fighting at all. >> it's hot. the wait is long, but spirits here are high. many see this as a religious duty. >> what is happening is
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sabotage. those terrorists must be driven out, and by god's will they're going to be given out. >> why do you want to volunteer? >> to preserve the people. as a response to the request. we're here to certain the people and get rid of isis. these young men have no military experience and it's not clear how they will be use in the fight against isis. >> how much training will they have? >> it's a difficult situation. maybe days or months. >> soldiers come and call out names. the men are sent for processing. their eyesight is checked, an exam and then sent home to wait the assignment. most or were wherever by gods will we're ready for any location. whether or not the volunteers
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will see the battle, the numbers have boosted the confidence and confidence that's shaken by the military losses this past week. >> now the iraq forces are waging a battle over control of isis over the border of syria. 11 iraq soldiers have been killed and 21 wounded. two officials in iraq said that the extremist continue to launch attacks in that area. no more happenner campers. a poplar site sending visitors away. a suspect behind a stabbing and kidnapping is on the loose. hot weather and we hear from residence that are fed up with thieves stealing the resources. we saw high ins the 60s by if bay. readings down to about ten to
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15 degrees. i will talk about how much they will change for tomorrow coming up. ♪ [ music ]♪ heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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a kidnapper is on the loose still tonight. authorities say she suspecting of stabbing his former girlfriend and kidnapping the 8- year-old child. the child has been reunited with the mother and she is expected to survive the injuries. he should be considered armed and dangerous and should not be confronted. water is a hot thing the face of this serious drought here in california. the problem is so bad in the central valley that the sheriff's office says that thieves are stealing people's water. one says that his tank was filled this week but when he
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woke up someone had tapped into the reserve. >> there's absolutely no water. they take every drop of it. >> bryan and their daughter say that they're sick of having the water ripped off. >> it's horrible. we go without showers, wash our hands when they're dirty. it's not -- it's horrible. >> they say that the thieves drive up to the backyard and steal the water. >> just stop. if you cannot afford water, come to me and say i need some water can i have 100 or 200 gallons. fine. >> to have it refiled it's $275. >> i cannot keep water in my swimming pool. i cannot afford it. at $275 a truck load, it's -- how can people be so
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insensitive to break in, steal the water. >> the family working with the deputies and there's a sign warning the thieves to stay away. >> do not just come and steel the water and bust the fence and feel that anything that i have is yours. it's wrong. >> now the family is taking action to make sure it does not happen again. they say they will install cameras to protect the proper werety. now we have some strong winds and up to 20 miles an hour despite the sunshine. cool winds coming off the ocean and bringing the temperatures down. we have high ins the mid-70s and temperatures around the bay area are cooler. we're going see a similar day for tomorrow and live view, bay bridge and clear i skies. it's breezy and winds up in 30 in some places. that's going to push the fog in the bay.
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it's quickly for tonight and for form it's going to be a cloudy start in most places with the exception of the inland valleys. there could be some clouds in liver moore. by the afternoon look for the sunshine and then another breezy afternoon and then winds as strong as 35 miles an hour. it's going to be a nice day for the race tomorrow. green flag at noon and we will see the temperatures at noon warming up to the mid-70s as we get to the morning hours. already some patches in the bay and the fog will continue to fill in as we get closer to 6:00 a.m. east bay valleys and north bay and south bay as well. it's going to fair closely for tomorrow and at 10:00 still some clouds and clearing out all locations by side by noon. gray sides on the coast all through the afternoon hours.
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temperatures are about where we were today. close to 80 for san jose and 80s popping up in the warm places. 60s by the bay and it's fairly cool. san francisco just going up too high of 62 and 60 is oakland and 70s in the north bay. i will talk about the forecast later on next week. >> jackie spear is announcing the new legislation that will keep the electronic cigarettes out of the hand of the children. if passed it will not market to kids. congresswoman say that is the candy and sweet flavors are luring more kids to use them. the legislation is part of a growing movement to regulate just as regular cigarettes are regulated. under a management people can only smoke them in places where regular smoking is allowed.
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burkely could be the one to put climate change on the gas pumps. the city could be is expected to vote on the label ordnance coming up in the fall. the pope is taking on the crime of family. how he is stairing down the mafia. when it comes to counting the calories. poplar fitness devices that may the calories. poplar fitness devices that may nheat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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all the calories that the fitness tracker says that you burned today may not be right. they tested eight activities counters and researchers found that they were reasonably accurate when it came to the calorie burner but some more than others. the devices were the body fit and the fit bit zip. the fit bit won.
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the other devices is jawbone up, direct life and basis band, nigh can is fuel band was in that. nick key plans to leave the tracking hardware to tech giants like apple. ♪ [ music ]♪ next up ghost hunting. we take a trip to aling trave to uncover the truth. coming you up. why are you coming over here? >> go back to where you were. >> let me see some id. >> in the next addition of people behaving badly. ♪ [ music ]♪
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you came to me. >> as he is walking away he decides that he is not done with me yet. >> because it's rude when you stick a camera in people's faces you punk mother -- >> enjoy yourself. >> i will try. >> go and get your boyfriend to do it for you. the reaction is that it was being watched by another camera. the one in the building so they quickly caught up with him that inturn called the highway patrol who after watching the
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driver was issued. >> no insurance, driving under suspended license,. >> the moral of this store have i that you're already riding dirty, it might be good to follow the rules of the road. wait, you're already riding dirty, so it does not matter. just think had he kept the helmet on and rolled away he would be a brief mention in this behaving badly. instead, he has to walk home. at the golden gait bridge stanly roberts kron 4 news. >> if you have a comment idea e- mail stanly at coming up we bring you a live update on a plane crash on the east bay and world cup fever building as the u.s. prepares to take on portugal. and some low clouds over the ocean tonight.
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news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. this is the bays area news station. kron news starts now. developing news where a plane crash leaves one man dead and the area cared. we have been following the storely and the only fatality is the pilot? >> reporter: that's correct. only one person was on board. that was a man that hast yet to be identified yet. the fda arrived just minutes ago and they're going to conduct the investigation. you can see where the plane went down and burned two acres of grass. the aircraft smaller a
8:30 pm
sesna was destroyed in the crash. the man's body was found 300- yards away. the pilot was in distress almost immediately after taking off from the airport. witnesses say that the plane was smoking before the pilot jumped from midair and landed in the field. he died on impact and that he did not have a parachute. this was a tragedy and the coroner is on the way out here also. we will be waiting for the man to be identified. live in liver moore with kron news. it has been a top trending story in the social media the aling raise ghost. this is what someone captured when it's a window looking out the former. she thought that he was taking a picture of her boyfriend. you can see a dark looking
8:31 pm
figure to look out there. we went out to the rock to see if we could see any spirits. >> reporter: a trip can give the visitors a chill. >> the former penitent rare -- are there any spirits in the rocks do thing time. the woman that snaps this picture believes it. she thinks this is a ghost of a woman that visited a prisoner here. >> the only place that a woman would have been in the cell house would be behind the window. two woman died a 13-year-old girl parished in an accident and way back in 18890 the islands life lost her life in a
8:32 pm
murder suicide. while my guide says that there's not an opinion captured in the room she did raise the possibility that the woman could be that of another visitor. >> it's hard to get photos. >> while the spooky attractions are bound she has not heard any from the coworkers. >> we have had rangers on the island for a long time more than 20 years. they have never had ghost stories on their on. >> a former guard says that he e had no par normal activities here. >> i went to the same spot and ended up catching that image. >> i had the ranger take my photo. here you can see the image that she caught and you can see that it's blurry and there are some smudges on the window, but i do not see a ghost there. maybe next time. reporting i am purine kelly.
8:33 pm
here is a preview of what is to come. >> that's the only location that the amazon rain forest and not just play nothing the high heat but play nothing the deep humidity that can make it hard to breath for anyone yet loan a soccer player running for 90 minutes. >> it's similar to houston, dallas, midwest and east coast in the summer, so hopefully when we get there it won't be as shocking as it has been to other teams. >> i think that the heat plays for both teams. you can just wash that out. >> either way it will be a physically grueling match for both teams and physical conditions going to play a role on who has the edge. >> the u.s. will have to do without a key player who is out with a hamstring. it's a loss because he was expected to be the goal scorer.
8:34 pm
>> we still have to hope that he will be back. how quickly? that's down the healing process. >> so now without him the u.s. will depend on aaron or chris to put the u.s. on the score sheet. no matter which stricker picks, the defense is the key. hernando is expected to play and he is him and this guy can score from anywhere. >> if you lose the ball and the next thing this is the back of the net. that's how dangerous that he is. you have to be aware of him. >> we have to go out and win the game. we do not have to think about anything. >> if you want to chair on team usa that game starts tomorrow. >> speaking of soccer a u.s. woman soccer star is arrested in washington. hope solo has been charged with
8:35 pm
assaulting her sister and nephew. police say that they received a 911 call from the sister's home and found her intoxicated and upset. they arrested her after he found injuries on her nephew and sister. 33-year-old justin left his 22 month old son in the car by accident. police are say that can it might have been done on purpose. mary muller has more on this. >> reporter: cobb county police are facing scoutny for charges justin in the death of his son. he left his 22-year-old in the suv by accident and forgetting the drop him off at day care. people are raising money on line for his family and their
8:36 pm
expenses. police say that it was no accident and implying that there's more to the story than people know. one told cnn what i know about this case shocks my conscience. as a police officer, a father and a grandfather. according to the arrest warrant the temperature in the suv reached 88 degrees, but now they have doubted if he was left in the car for several hours like harris said. thousand investigators have been tight lipped about you. >> they think that there's more to this. they're looking for injuries that may have occurred prior to this death. >> harris told the police that once he realize that had the son was in the back seat he pulled into a shopping center. >> he pulled the child out and try today resuscitate him. >> the results have not been released yet, but it should shed more light on the tragedy. i am mary muller reporting.
8:37 pm
few people want to take on the mafia. which leader is taking them on? poplar camp sites here in california. we have some rain in the forecast and i will talk about that coming up next. ♪ [ music ]♪ safeway gets that staying on budget can be a real bear. that's why they've got lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week, fresh driscoll's strawberries are perfectly sweet and just $1.99 a pound. foster farms fresh whole chickens are only 99¢ a pound. and arm & hammer detergent is just $5.00. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life.
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temperatures cooler across the area today because of some unsure winds that are moving in. not much in the way of change. we're going to have to low clouds push in the bay and we will see the fog for tomorrow morning and another day for monday. we have a few high clouds push across the bay and not producing the rain but there's a weather system out here and that's going to get closer to us as we get into tuesday. that's going to bring the chance for clouds. no rain from that and behind this is another system that's going to arrive as we get to the day on thursday. that could bring some rain and right now the models are
8:40 pm
targeting the north with this and not much. a few hundreds of an inch at best. that could change a bit as we get closer to thursday of next week. in the meantime we have another similar day for tomorrow like we had today temperature wise. we will have fog in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon and warmer temperatures going up to the upper 80s and no 90s on the tap. high of 87 degrees and low 80s into liver moore and san francisco another cool day and 60s for oakland and a few 80s for the north. things do change for the next week. not much for monday and tuesday. we're going to have to clouds in the morning and clearing the sunshine and typical summertime weather. by the way today is the first day of summer speaking of summer. low 70s on bay side and mid-to
8:41 pm
upper 80s and then we will start to get cooler with the increasing clouds on wednesday. temperatures drop and then i think that we're going to see a fairly cloudy day for thursday at the forecast models pan out with this one and then the chance for rain. clearing and then warming up as we go into the weekends. vickie? dogs and hogs took over fair good cause today. we will show you the pork themed party. plus a cute puppy in training to be a guide dog for the guide. a bay area hotel is offering the guest a high-tech experience. stay tuned to kron news. that's coming up in the tech report. ♪ [ music ]♪
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pope francis is telling a group of italian mobsters that
8:44 pm
they're being cut off from the catholic church. cnn has more on the popes unprecedented warning on the organized crime. >> reporter: there's perhaps nothing more haunting than the sound of a mother saying good- bye to her child for the very last time. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> this is the funeral of 3- year-old nick and his grandfather. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> people here believed that they were murdered because of the family ties to the mafia. ian approached him months ago afraid for the grand son's safety. cocoa's mother was in prison for drug crimes. no one else could take care of
8:45 pm
the little boy. he shows us the abandoned farmhouse where they found the remains of the car. >> he was like an old boss. >> police say cocoa was shot at point blank range in the back of his head and the front seat sat ian and the 27-year-old companion and executed mafia style. on top of the car they left a 50-cent coin. >> the investigators believe that this message and this sign means that he had not paid a debt. >> this region has not seen anything like this before? >> never. never. >> at the funeral there's a heavy police presence and it's easy to see why. at the end of the mass out of the village comes cocoa's
8:46 pm
uncle. then one grandmother, then his other grandmother, and finally his father. they're loaded into police vans and taken back to jail. it's a situation not unheard of in southern italy. for many year the mafia influence is a way of life. >> this region is home to one of the most powerful crime organization ins the world. many here believe that cocoa is the latest and youngest victim of mafia violence and tearing apart families and children are the most vulnerable. >> for the children they're lost. for the children it's an enemy. cocoa's casket is put in the wall. a mother leaves and a police officer on either side. after cocoa's death she was released from prison and placed on protective house arrest.
8:47 pm
she has two other children waiting for her at home. aaron with cnn in italy. updating the missing malaysia plane. the search and recovery is in the transition phase. they're going map the seabed. they have been looking for the plane since it disappeared. the new search area will be disclosed in one to two weeks. now time for the kron tech report with gain. >> why have campaign delivered to you by a person when you can do it by drone? >> yes, this is a flying bellhop. >> i they we're going set ourself apart. >> i think that he is right. they're located in downtown
8:48 pm
right off the water. >> i think that the drone is currently not part of everyone's life but adds the technology moves forward, we certainly forsee something that could be part fe. >> they will fly it to the deck and delivering whatever guest want. they're flexible. they see the drone using to deliver things from a boat to the bay. say a guest wants campaign out there or they left the sun glasses in the room and they need the shades. pretty need idea and now time for the reality check. it's not cheap and in the near future but not yet. this is a high-tech amenti. the drone only flies for the guests of the mega luxury suits, which cost $10,000 a night. i know that you want to know what $10,000 gets you so here it is. full kitchen stocked with blue
8:49 pm
bottle beans, dining room, private gym, private office with a big tv, a stocked wine cooler, outdoor tub, a giant video wall. what a way to watch tv's and movies. and this big outdoor area and a giant back deck and that's probably what you're paying for most is the view. you have a view of the bay and marina. yeah, it's nice but still $10,000 a night i had to ask will anyone pay that? do they have reservations? >> we have seen a great interest in this suit all the way up to summer of 2015. there's a high demand. >> campaign delivered by drone is great. there's no drone delivers at
8:50 pm
the national park today. they announced plans to ban the drones. the unmanned aircrafts annoys visitors and that races wildlife and threatening safety. the action is separate from the faa commercial drone flight. camping has been banned for the season and county park and take a look. redwood flat, tan oak and all the other camp sites are deserted. they're running out of water because it's critically low. no drinking water for flushing toilets and more than 2,250 camp sites can be has been canceled. >> we're running out of water. it's come to be so critical
8:51 pm
that we run the rest of losing the prime. we draw it out of the creek. >> there are a lot of disappointed folks and the park staff we're disappointed as well. the majority of the people understand that we're in a severe drought. we rely on the nature for our water. >> memorial county park is opened for day use. the park is offering full refunds for those with reservations and they can roll them over until next summer when it's better. from vegas to jerseys there's two movies playing. here is a trailer. >> las vegas and it's men verses woman. the see equal brings the closest friends to las vegas
8:52 pm
for a battle over who can have the best time. >> for once we're free from all the obligations and responsibilities. >> i don't know why woman cannot have as much fun as men. let's show them how it's done. >> it threatened to derail. >> let me do all the talking. >> no, have you seen it? >> no. >> exactly. so you do not have the knowledge. listen up. >> think like a man two is rated pg 13. also new this week is jersey boys. >> thank you. >> we want to hear the voice. >> telling the story of how four men came together to form the four seasons. >> i would love to introduce you to a new discovery of mine ♪ [ music ]♪ >> directedly clint east wood is rated r. san francisco is going to
8:53 pm
the hogs and the dogs this afternoon. it's the 6th annual high on the hog celebration and epic rose raising money for the guide dogs and that's a puppy in training. i had a chance to pet the dog and host the event. here is a view of the watermelon meeting contest. >> 15 seconds. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> we speed it up just a little bill of indictment besides the watermelon contest music was provided by a local band. guide dogs was founded back in 1942. wonder who puts another win under their belt. that's coming up. ♪ [ music ]♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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an electric city car here... makes about as much sense as a gas guzzling suv here. the quick charging, zero emission, all-electric, all-new smart electric drive. just $139 a month. working it for the hometown crowd and beating boston 2-1 and then the rbi single and a's manager is not able to see the win. he was tossed out for arguing. 1-08 and it's a draw two to two we're all waiting to see tomorrow is the usa playing portugal. >> it should be good. >> happy first day of summer. >> yay, beautiful and a little bit cooler today. we will see about the same thing for tomorrow. it's it for us.
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we hope to see you at 11:00. good night. ♪ [ music ]♪
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an infamous bachelor bad girl is blowing the lid off the racy reality show. and dr. oz under fire over his miracle diet pill. >> yeah, he is under fire. >> i want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. this miracle pill can burn fat fast. >> did he get caught up in a star endorsement machine, and was he fooled? >> dr. oz has a great deal more credibility than congress. >> then, the bachelor tells all to "et." from having sex on camera to the scenes, it is the first time a bachelor contestant has gone this far exposing the show's dirty secrets. >> at the end of the


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